SOA / Composite Application Services
An enterprise Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a blueprint for an adaptable, flexible, and open IT architecture.

SOA is typically used for developing services-based, enterprise-scale business solutions that can communicate in a cross-functional, coordinated business process focused way, delivering higher value results to business users.

Composite applications are typically applications built by combining multiple existing functions into a new application most often within an SOA implementation utilizing Web Services.

Caro provides several services for SOA that can be conducted separately or together as further described on this page. 

An SOA Assessment is a consultancy service whereby senior experienced resources conduct an audit of the organization utilizing, or thinking of utilizing an SOA as part of their strategy for the future of their application portfolio.

It provides an assessment of the organizations capability to do that, considering their culture and current application portfolio.

The assessment would be delivered with suitable reporting and recommendations by our experienced program managers and SOA architects.

SOA Adoption is a consultancy service for the supply of expert resources completing engagements to adapt the organization to be ready for SOA.

Including: an SOA assessment, facilitation of SOA organizational change management, execution of SOA program management, SOA process implementation, implementation of the governance process and policies to support SOA.

Followed by SOA Health-checks to ensure that the process, policies and procedures are monitored and measured to continue to realize benefits.

SOA Implementation can be delivered as a role-based service or a project-based service. 

This offering includes being able to assist clients in defining and implementing SOA within their organization. 

It involves the disciplines of Architecture, Requirements, Analysis, Design, Implementation, Testing and Quality Assurance. 

More specifically we work alongside clients to: architect the blueprint for the SOA foundation and prepare architectures on the four different perspectives of data, application, business and technology.

We design and implement the business service layer and wrapper existing legacy services to web-enable them.