Forte / UDS Services
Do you want to work with a Forte/UDS to Java migration expert?

Caro employs consultants who are among the leading experts in UDS in the world, are highly skilled in Java, and are IBM and Sun certified professionals.

Our consultants have now successfully completed six rapid Forte/UDS migration projects using our completely tested methodology for success..

Forte/UDS to Java conversions are anything but simple!

Forte/UDS applications tend to be large mission critical applications. They are usually both complex and mature having had many years of development and change. One million lines of Forte/UDS can result in upwards two million lines of Java, and there are significant differences in event management, window management and other architectures.

Migration projects are risky, expensive and can take many person years increasing the risk of failure while systems remain frozen, and overall for little perceived benefit and considerable outlay by the business they support.

Caro has successfully, manually migrated UDS application code to Java and has a full understanding of how difficult it is to perform and succeed.

Today Caro partner utilize an automated devlopment tool, jcTOOL, the only automated Forte/UDS to Java conversion tool that offers conversion of the complete application including the user interface layer.

Together we have developed a complete turnkey solution for rapid UDS/Forte to Java migrations, with Caro's highly trained and experienced migration consultants completing and testing the automatically converted Java output from jcTOOL.

Continuing to run a mission critial Forte / UDS application in production is a very dangerous thing to do! All environments are now unsupported! SUN has been acquired by Oracle! Finding anyone to support you will be very, very difficult!

Changing any line of code, any server, any operating system, may result in your system being unavailable and your business users being very unhappy and your clients going to other companies for their products!

Caro still maintain significant expertise in Forte / UDS administration and application programming. We are still practiced as we have ongoing work in Forte to Java conversions. Although we cannot change the underlying product code we have resolved issues for some Forte / UDS clients when they have unfortunately changed something and their systems have stopped working.

If you need support call us and we can arrange a support contract with you that will meet your needs.