Application Development Services
Project Management can be an overwhelming task on any size project.

Project Managers are key people in any project and the focal point of upper management, ensuring all participants understand their role, and the goals of the project.

Caro has provided strong and effective Project management expertise to both government and commercial enterprises.

From Estimation and Vision, through all aspects of Planning to overall Control of the project, our experienced project managers can successfully deliver any type of project.
Caro's business modeling efforts can be as simple as gathering system requirements for small business enhancements, or it can be a means of designing or re-designing the business processes for a whole organization.

The Business Modeling process helps to eliminate any uncertainty in an organization and build a universal vision.

The Business Modeling process provides the guidance needed to develop business models that can be applied in a variety of contexts within your organization.

Requirements Management is the key to project success.

Capturing requirements promotes collaboration within different groups within your organization, and provides your organization with an approach to control your development project.

Caro utilizes requirements management tools and a proven, disciplined methodology in obtaining, categorizing, controlling and evaluating your requirements. 

It's a well documented fact that most project failures are caused by incomplete and/or inaccurate requirements.

The architecture of a software system (at a given point) is the organization or structure of the system's significant components interacting through interfaces, with components composed of successively smaller components and interfaces.

Its architectural views are abstractions, or simplifications, of the entire design in which important characteristics are made more visible by leaving details aside.

It is important to concentrate first on the overall architecture at the point in the systems evolution to understand reuse potentials, the essential divisions, components and their responsibilities, opportunities for incorporating off-the-shelf components and lay out the blueprint for the future.

Caro evaluates, customizes and develops a User-Experience Model following an iterative and incremental approach to the development of the user experience.

The User-Experience Model helps Caro to identify and characterise the initial user experience that will be incorporated into the first implementation, and revised through to the final deployment.

The user-interface design decisions typically are made during prototyping and development of the user interface itself. Developing a User-Experience Model offers many benefits with regards to normal and proficient use of the system.

With the use of the Outsystems development tool a user-interface model can quickly turn into a working application, enhancing the ability of the User to accept the ultimate system

As experts across the application development lifecycle, Caro is a valuable asset to have associated with your development and software implementation projects.

We are experienced in a wide array of environments, adapting best practices to a broad range of environments and problem areas.

We have proven to be valuable to our clients in enterprise application implementations, packaged application selection, test systems renovations and requirements management.

Caro has successfully delivered many complete enterprise application development projects with our clients.

We can deliver new application code for web and mobile applications either using a Java stack, MS Dynamics and/or the Outsystems development environment.

Testing focuses on evaluating and assessing product quality, incompleteness, exposing the weaknesses of the other disciplines of software engineering that attempt to focus on completeness (of requirements, of analysis, of design).

Testing provides a service for the other disciplines, a supplier of knowledge of where they are weak. 

There are five key practices in Testing: Finding and documening defects in software quality. Advising on the perceived software quality; validating and proving the assumptions made in design and requirement specifications through concrete demonstration; validating that the software product works as designed; validating that the requirements are implemented appropriately.

Caro Consultants are experts in the methodology and execution of testing, leading to solid implementations for our customers.

Caro can develop your Cloud, Web and Mobile applications in record time utilizing the Outsystems Development environment.

Outsystems is the lateest and leading PaaS (Platform as a Service) development tool.

Very significant savings in time, resources and budget are entirely possible using the Outsystems environment.

Let us talk to you and demonstrate this quite amazing product and show you how these gains can be acheived.

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