Enterprise Services
Program Management services are delivered by our highly qualified management consultants used to managing risk and portfoios of projects and reporting directly senior management.

Enterprise Architecture utilizing significant EA frameworks such as TOGAF or Zachman.

SOA is in our blood. We have always delivered composite loosely coupled applications for our clients since our inception.

Process Implementation utilizing major methodologies and customized by our very experienced process engineers.
Modernization projects can be completed using various techniques, either wholly encompassing or simple facelifts.

Whether completly Re-Engineering, simply Re-Facing, or implementing Service Layering we have significant experience in each.

Web based Portal Development to legacy systems is often a technique that can be utilized.

Technology Conversion can be a significant challenge but with the right methodology it can be managed successfully.

We also offer an Automated Forte to Java conversion practice with a significant success rate.
Service Oriented Architecture oftern combined with other techniques is a blueprint for open felxible IT Architecture.

Our highly experienced enterprise architects can work through all phases of an SOA implementation from the original concept, through design, development, implementation and monitoring.

We know the technology and we also have the ability to help the organization from business process to re-engineering, organizational assessment and adoption, through the architecture to pragmatic viable solution.
Application development, whether greenfield or as part of replacement or re-engineering, can be complex. We have a successful history across the complete life-cyle.

We can work with you in Role based assignments or take on the whole project as we have expertise in each individual area.

Whether it be Project Management, Requirements Management, Analysis and Design, Development orTesting and QA. Caro can supply significant expertise.
Rapid development of Cloud and Mobile applications with the Outsystems platform can save your organization significant time and budget.

Using reponsive web development with Outsystems is a given. Any application developed for the web will automatically work on a tablet, iPad or any smartphone.

We can promise at least a 50% savings on development effort, time and budget, so you will get your applications significantly cheaper and faster and with a much greater end user acceptance.

Let us do a demonstration of the power of Outsystems, or even run a short Pilot project with your requirements..