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The Company

WarrenShepell Consultants Corp. (now ShepellFGI) are a company that specilaizes in providing enhanced employee benefit services to the employees of large and medium scale organizations to help those employees to acheive their best health and professional performance. They help companies contain costs and increase productivity..

The Challenge

WarrenShepell's intial chalenge surrounded the fact that they were using an ad-hoc mixture of various systems and technologies throughout their systems portfolio and new business challenges and products were hard, costly and time consuming to integrate.

The Solution

Caro's initial engagement with the client was to rapidly perform an assessment of their current application portfolio and compare it to a high level business model of their organization in its current and future states. We were engaged for a time-boxed six-week period in which two of our most senior consultants:

  • Documented each current application and produced an integrated data model
  • Created a business model of the organization in its desired future state
  • Created a conceptual framework of the application environment and aligned it with the business model
  • Produced a roadmap to design build and operatinalize the envisioned framework
  • Produced budgets and reports to support the recommendations
  • Produced high level project plans for each step of the transitinal process

The Result

An assessment of the current application portfolio and a high-level business model were developed in close consultation with senior management and all areas of the WarrenShepell organization. Based on the requirements of the WarrenShepell organization technology architecture recommendations were developed and various roadmap scenarios were described to implement it. The costs and risks associated with each approach were also described. This information was valuable input to the WarrenShepell organization in helping them make their technology and implemenation decisions.

Since the initial engagement Caro have been further employed an several engagements.