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Trader Media Corporation
TMC Logo

Trader Media Corporation (TMC) is Ontario's largest publisher of photo-classified advertising. It has over 80 Photo Ad Centres, four Web sites, and 55 magazine titles including Auto Trader, Resale Homes, New Homes and Condos. The magazines are distributed provincially at over 9000 outlets. TMC is a privately held company employing over 600 employees working at five different locations across Ontario.

The Challenge

Transform TMC from a traditional publisher to an Information Services Delivery business by:

  • Integrating all disparate systems and customer information into one enterprise system;

  • Integrating business processes to eliminate duplication of effort and paperwork, improve quality of data by capturing at the source, and improve customer service levels.

The Solution

TMC engaged Caro to architect, design and deliver a new business platform to satisfy its objectives. Working together since 2000 Caro and TMC built TMC's new platform TEAM (Trader Enterprise Account Manager). TEAM has enabled the organization to:

  • have shorter deadline windows thereby increasing sales and marketing opportunities,
  • integrate all of its operational information assets into a single integrated database,
  • provide for more effective management of their customer relationships by integrating all information around a customer,
  • improve access to internal employees to reduce business workflow, and
  • provide a foundation for access to TMC's business rules by external business partners from multiple channels.

The Technology

We are using Caro's own methodology, Assemble, and the Sun ONEâ„¢ Unified Development Server, part of the Sun ONE Net Environment (Sun ONE), to build the custom solution. We have shortened the delivery time frame by integrating several key business components from our inventory of reusable business components.