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Client Quote

“Caro really listened to our requirements and delivered more functionality than we asked for. It was the most successful project I have ever been involved in.”

Chris Evanson-Canapa, Manager Dispatch Operations



The Company

Purolator Courier Ltd. of Mississauga, Ontario is Canada's leading overnight courier company. From automated solutions to 24 hour pick up and delivery, Purolator provides customers with the services and customized solutions required to get their shipments across town or around the world. Purolator operates Canada's largest dedicated air express fleet. Purolator has an extensive service network, with over 13,000 employees, including more than 4,000 couriers, over 140 operations locations, over 170 Shipping Centres, over 490 Authorized Shipping Agents and more than 480 drop boxes. Purolator processes over 5.5 million pieces (delivery and pick up) each week for destinations across Canada and around the world.

The Challenge

Construct data architecture to be the foundation for all new enterprise systems. Replace outdated, unsupported IT systems and paper-based processes to better position the company against its competition. Fully automate the call centre and dispatch centre operations, then integrate other key functions-customer accounting, customer service, and quality assurance.

The Solution

Caro was initially engaged by Purolator to construct a data architecture as the foundation for all new enterprise systems. This project was successfully completed and delivered in a very aggressive time frame. Following that project, we re-engineered many systems from a mainframe environment to a distributed client-server environment.

Working as a team, Caro and Purolator designed and built integrated Call Centre and Dispatch applications. These two applications were delivered in seven months—five months ahead of schedule. These applications are used by approximately 600 agents in three Call Centres and four Dispatch centres throughout Canada. A call can be automatically dispatched to a courier via a country-wide paging network within seconds of being accepted, while at the same time notifying dispatching personnel who can monitor and control progress from anywhere within the network. These highly integrated applications use an instantly re-configurable routing database and have dramatically improved the company’s operations and level of customer service.

The Call Centre and Dispatch applications were implemented in tandem with two other apps: Service Directory, which controls the complex organization of the company, its network of terminals and service points; and Security, which is a fully functional global security administration and control system with local administration capabilities.

A fifth application, Tracking and Tracing, for the tracking and tracing of packages, was implemented into production in the same year. This application is integrated with the others, using many common components. It includes a sophisticated task management system which enables the call centre representatives to easily control their tasks and rapidly respond to customer inquiries.

Also implemented was the Contract and Pricing Administration application, which handles the complex shipping contracts of Purolator’s larger customers. This system will make the negotiation and renewal of contracts much simpler for the business community and allow many new features to expand the possibilities of contractual agreements in the future.

The Technology

The applications were developed using Caro’s application components and methodology Assemble and the Sun ONE Unified Development Server (UDS).

The Business Benefits Realized

BulletReduced development time and costs

BulletReduced labour hours

BulletHigher level of CSR productivity

BulletIncreased cross functional field communications

BulletIncreased customer service levels

BulletHighly competitive solution

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