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Noranda Logo

The Company

Noranda Inc. is a leading international mining and metals company with more than 48 mining and metallurgical operations and projects under development in 17 countries. Noranda is one of the world's largest producers of zinc and nickel and is a significant producer of copper, primary and fabricated aluminum, lead, silver, gold, sulphuric acid and cobalt. Noranda is also a major recycler of secondary copper, nickel and precious metals. Noranda employs over 15,000 people. It is listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange and The New York Stock Exchange (NRD).

The Challenge

Noranda had a decentralized and disparate Human Resources and Payroll solutions offering minimum functionality. And it was moving from a holding company model to an operating company model. It needed to implement a consolidated HR/Payroll solution and establish common business practices. To ensure success, the IT and Human Resources departments partnered to define, select and implement the tools and best practices to support Human Resources Shared Business Services. The team selected PeopleSoft Human Resource Management Software with Payroll, Time and Labour, and Flex Benefits.

The Solution

In May 1999, Noranda partnered with Caro for the first phase of the implementation. The implementation included four major components: Core Human Resources, Payroll, Base and Flex Benefits and Training Administration. It was a bilingual implementation across three physical sites and involved converting three years of history from one Payroll/HR system and two different Benefits Systems. Additionally, interfaces were required for two General Ledger Systems and multiple benefits carriers. The Human Resource and Training Administration solutions were implemented seven months after the planning began. Three months after that, Payroll and Benefits Administration were implemented. Caro developed an implementation roadmap to facilitate Noranda's subsequent site deployments. We designed and delivered training courses, materials, and end-user reference documentation.

The Technology

PeopleSoft Human Resource Management Software (HRMS) and Caro's methodology Assemble.