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The Challenge

Human Activity Profiling Inc. (HAPi) approached Caro Systems Inc. to develop Jeeves - Home Companion, an electronic system for assisting seniors living alone in their homes. Jeeves allows healthcare service provider’s to remotely monitor the well-being and emergency situations for seniors. Jeeves assists the safety of seniors and helps the senior receive appropriate emergency care when required. The challenge was to architect a solution and subsequently develop a system that could be economically and reliably implemented using off the shelf hardware.

The Solution

Caro worked with HAPi to refine requirements for a system that embodies the keep it simple concept. Caro created a system that monitors activity patterns and complex situations comparing these against individual parameters for each senior monitored. Results are presented to the service provider in graphical form allowing the caregiver to determine when remedial action is required or an emergency has occurred. An important consideration during the development of Jeeves was to produce a system that readily integrates with an service provider's existing management system.

The Technology

The system uses motion detectors strategically placed in the senior's home along with a computer. The computer contains software that records the senior’s routine activity patterns and communicates these to a server where they are processed prior to posting to the service provider's web site. The system allows a single caregiver to monitor more than 500 seniors on a daily basis and presents results in an intuitive, easy to use form. Emergency situations are detected by the system in the senior’s home and are immediately sent to the service provider's web application and pops-up as an emergency alert on the caregiver's computer screen.