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The Company

International Online Networking Groups (IONG) was a newly formed company with the idea to build a family of social networking sites each focused to specific topic. This would allow individuals to share ideas and and content related to the specific focus of the social networking site. The company so far has four sites built from the same model technology:

  • Recruiter Networking Group (RNG)
  • Requirements Networking Group (RQNG)
  • Library Networking Group (LNG)
  • Human Resource Networking Group (HRNG)

The Challenge

IONG engaged Caro as their technology enablers to build the first site and ensure that it could be used as a model for all future sites and also to ensure that continual improvements could be made across all sites from the initial model site. They also specified that each new site must be very inexpensive to produce and very quick to be able to be launched. Each site also had to be largely self administering.

The Solution

Caro's first step, as in any project we do, was to fully understand the requirements in enough detail to ensure that we could develop the right approach and use software that had all the capabilities to meet all of the requirements. Caro researched various methods of producting easy to maintain social networking sites that could also be easily enhanced as new features were required. After some further resarch we quickly assembled a prototype solution and agreed with IONG that we were fully realizing their objectives. Subsequently the initial site was built and over time three more sites have been developed and new features have been added such as FaceBook and Twitter integration.

The Technology

We employed primarily open source networking software from Drupal as the primary technology while also using phpAdsNew and MySQL. Each site running in a Unix environment and hosted on a common webhosting site.