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Client Quote

“It has been a pleasure to work alongside Kevin McGaffey and Caro Systems Inc. during the last four years.  Caro has been instrumental in helping to drive the success of our project in various areas.  Their commitment, focus, passion, flexibility and attention to detail helped us to realize our vision and ultimately reach our goal of taking our conventional broadcast stations into a position to be able to react to the changing broadcast environment and continue to supply top quality customer service”

Sheila Calhoun, VP Sales and Traffic

CanWest Global

The Company

CanWest is a major communications organization and brodcaster primarily in Canada but also with affiliated organizations world wide.

The Challenge

CanWest needed to replace their primary business system for Sales, Traffic and Programming across all conventional and speciality television properties. In order to do this they needed to implement a new enterprise business solution. To assist in that process they needed to engage a management consulting systems organization that was experienced in the scale of project that was at hand and also had experience in the broadcasting and communication industry.

Using a business case and program plan out of a recently completed management consulting exercise, that Caro was also involved in, Canwest asked Caro to oversee the program management role and secure the necessary external resources to complement the internal project teams.

The Solution

Caro took primary program management control and selected a group of subject matter experts in the business, a team to lead the organizational change management project, necessary quality assurance resources, training resources, and supplied a program manager and a financial control resource.

The Result

The implementation was delivered to production in a number of phases the first of which was in May 2005 for the Rights & Schedule components.  In parallel to this implementation effort another collection of teams was building specifications for a news sales component.  This involved a distributed team between Canada and Germany that worked on development specifications around a new organization structure and business process.  This sales component was implemented in production in August 2006 to support the conventional stations.  Follow-on work was completed to get the specialty stations converted into the application by August 2007.  This entire effort involved a worldwide collection of resources working in a highly distributed fashion.  The system manages the creative assets as well as distribution of media across all affiliates and distribution channels.

The business platform provides a fully-integrated suite of applications to manage the complete customer relationship and all internal operations of a broadcaster in the North American market. The business-driven initiative touched over 600 people in the organization and positions CanWest MediaWorks to deliver additional value to its customers through improved customer service delivery.

The initiative was successfully completed with the combined efforts of CanWest MediaWorks business leadership, IT leadership, cross-functional staff plus project management, organizational change management, quality assurance and testing, and management consulting resources from Caro Systems Inc.(Caro), a Toronto-based Systems Integrator.

Caro, working alongside the primary business sponsor for the initiative, Sheila Calhoun, VP of Broadcast Sales and Traffic, led the project through the key implementation phases of Solution Design, Solution Development, Organizational Change Management, IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Training and Quality Assurance.  Caro’s resources worked alongside CanWest MediaWorks core team subject matter experts forming a strong team to successfully complete the business initiative.

The Technology

The technology implemented was a COTS solution from a German-based software vendor.  The COTS solution was completely customized for the Canadian Broadcast market and was architected using both a .NET and J2EE platform.  High performance components were distributed on the J2EE platform using JBOSS as the application server.  All of the other application components were built on the .NET Platform. The three databases supporting the application were deployed on SYBASE.