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Caro once again completes a Forte to Java conversion for a large US SI.

Caro completes fifth Forte to Java conversion for a large US Based SI.

TORONTO, Ontario, February 2nd, 2011 – Caro is once again pleased to announce that they have completed another mission critical Forte to Java conversion for a large US based systems integrator who control the system on behalf of the US Fderal Government. This was Caro's fifth successful conversion project. Caro completed the conversion of this medium sized, mission critical, Forte application over a six month period, once again utilizing the highly successful conversion tool jcTOOL from Iterative Consulting PTY of Australia.

“Utilizing the jcTOOL.conversion tool from Iterative Consulting PTY of Australia these projects are so risk free that it is hard not to see the business case for conversion vs. Redevelopment. We make no changes to the system so there is no disturbance for the business users and with no changes to the databases there is no data conversion, so the risk for these projects is minimal. ” said Keith Matthews, of Caro Systems who leads the application migration practice for Caro.


About Caro Systems Inc.

Founded in 1997, Caro Systems ( provides application development consulting for financial institutions, major retailers, media companies and others. CaroWorks SOA framework is integrated with IBM’s RUP (Rational Unified Process) methodology. Flouting the truism that 70% of application development projects fail, Caro has a 100% success rate in projects it has controlled. Caro’s client list has included CBS, Purolator, Enbridge, WSIB, CIBC, CanWest Global, Sun Microsystems, Warren Shepell, and Recruiters Networking Group.

For further information: Keith Matthews, Principal Consultant,

About ITerative Consulting PTY.

ITerative Consulting PTY., ( based in Sydney, Australia are a general computer consulting company and more particularly the authors of the massively successful jcTOOL, a tool built specifically for large scale conversions of Forté to Java code and the only automated conversion tool for Forté to Java that converts not only the server side code but also the user interface “like-for-like” with the original code. Over 20 projects have now been successfully completed using jcTOOL with many more underway.

For further information: John Glennon, Managing Director,