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Amberpoint SI Program

Caro Joins Amberpoint Systems Integrator Alliance Program

TORONTO, Ontario (CANADA), March 09, 2009 – Caro Systems, Inc., a Toronto-based systems integrator, announced today that it has joined the AmberPoint Systems Integrator Alliance Program at the highest level of membership. AmberPoint is the industry’s leading provider of governance and management solutions for composite applications.

The alliance between AmberPoint and Caro Systems will enable Caro to bring greater value to companies acquiring the services of its application development and SOA practice. The partnership will also benefit AmberPoint customers by giving them new service and support options for their deployment and use of AmberPoint software.

“We see great merit in extending our core capabilities to include the industry’s dominant management and governance solutions for SOA and composite applications,” said Kevin McGaffey, President & CEO of Caro Systems. “The decision to join the AmberPoint Systems Integrator Alliance program was an easy one, as we continue to pursue new avenues for bringing additional value to our clients. Leveraging AmberPoint’s leadership at managing and governing SOA and composite applications will enable us to help our clients derive greater utility from their existing application portfolios.”

“Our strategic partnership with Caro Systems will bring lasting benefits to many AmberPoint customers,” said Gary Rinedollar, Vice President of Alliances, AmberPoint. “The Caro Systems team has vast experience at helping organizations leverage SOA and distributed technologies for mission-critical applications. They also have a wealth of vertical market expertise across a number of industries. We look forward to a long and fruitful partnership with Caro Systems.”

About AmberPoint, Inc.

AmberPoint ( provides the world's most widely distributed and implemented solutions for governing and managing composite applications. Utilizing a policy-based approach to manage the health and well-being of services-based systems, AmberPoint enables its enterprise customers to better understand system behavior, manage each transaction flowing across their distributed environments, and implement policies that automate performance management, remedy exceptional conditions and uphold security.

For more information, contact AmberPoint at 510.663.6300 or

About Caro Systems, Inc.

Caro Systems, Inc., ( based in Toronto, Ontario is software development consulting company known for predictable software development. Caro are leaders in teaming with our clients to define, design, develop, and deliver, cost-effective business solutions; with a proven history of being 100% on time and on budget. Caro enables its clients to improve their business by designing solutions that reduce operational costs, improve customer service levels, integrate information assets and assist them in securing a competitive advantage in their marketplaces. Caro helps clients successfully realize their business objectives by delivering business solutions on time and on budget.

For further information: Kevin McGaffey, CEO,