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CanWest Implements S4M

Caro Systems Inc. Leads the Successful Implementation of Solutions for Media (S4M) Business Platform for CanWest MediaWorks Inc.

Implementation of New Business Platform allows Broadcast Unit of CanWest MediaWorks to provide richer customer relationships and foundation for innovation, new business development and growth

TORONTO, Ontario (Canada), November 9, 2007 – The North American landscape for delivering customer service in Broadcast advertising effectively changed August 27, 2007 when CanWest Mediaworks Inc. (CMW) took a bold step ahead of its competitors in the marketplace and implemented Solutions for Media (S4M) integrated business platform. This business platform will provide a fully-integrated suite of applications to manage the complete customer relationship and all internal operations of a broadcaster in the North American market.

This business-driven initiative touched over 600 people in the organization and positions CanWest MediaWorks to deliver additional value to its customers through improved customer service delivery.

The initiative was successfully completed with the combined efforts of CanWest MediaWorks business leadership, IT leadership, cross-functional staff plus project management, organizational change management, quality assurance and testing, and management consulting resources from Caro Systems Inc.(Caro), a Toronto-based Systems Integrator.

Caro, working alongside the primary business sponsor for the initiative, Sheila Calhoun, VP of Broadcast Sales and Traffic, led the project through the key implementation phases of Solution Design, Solution Development, Organizational Change Management, IT Infrastructure Design and Implementation, Training and Quality Assurance. Caro’s resources worked alongside CanWest MediaWorks core team subject matter experts forming a strong team to successfully complete the business initiative.

“It has been a pleasure to work alongside Kevin McGaffey and Caro Systems Inc. during the last four years. Caro has been instrumental in helping to drive the success of our project in various areas. Their commitment, focus, passion, flexibility and attention to detail helped us to realize our vision and ultimately reach our goal of taking our conventional broadcast stations into a position to be able to react to the changing broadcast environment and continue to supply top quality customer service”, said Sheila Calhoun, VP of Sales and Traffic of CanWest MediaWorks

Prior to being awarded the implementation contract, CanWest MediaWorks retained Caro to develop a strategic implementation plan to transform their sales, traffic, programming services, inventory management and revenue management functions. This long-term plan defined an integrated strategy for solution delivery, business process redesign, change management, organizational development, system implementation and risk management. It also quantified total cost of ownership and return on investment for CanWest MediaWorks.

“We are extremely proud of CanWest’s accomplishment in the marketplace and were pleased to be able to work alongside and assist CanWest MediaWorks to deliver the end solution to the business. It required tremendous drive, a high degree of focus and passion by all the key stakeholders and team members to be successful and is a key stake in the ground effecting CanWest’s competitive position in the marketplace moving forward,” said Kevin McGaffey, President & CEO of Caro Systems Inc.

About CanWest MediaWorks Inc.

CanWest MediaWorks Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CanWest Global Communications Corp. (TSX: CGS and CGS.A,, an international media company. In addition to owning the Global Television network, CanWest is Canada's largest publisher of English language daily newspapers, and also owns, operates and/or holds substantial interests in conventional television, out-of-home advertising, specialty cable channels, Web sites and radio networks in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Indonesia, Singapore, the United Kingdom and the United States.

For further information: Dervla Kelly, Director of Corporate Communications, (416) 442-3807,

About Caro Systems Inc.

Caro Systems Inc., based in Toronto, Ontario is software development consulting company known for predictable software development. Caro are leaders in teaming with our clients to define, design, develop, and deliver, cost-effective business solutions; with a proven history of being 100% on time and on budget. Caro enables its clients to improve their business by designing solutions that reduce operational costs, improve customer service levels, integrate information assets and assist them in securing a competitive advantage in their marketplaces. Caro helps clients successfully realize their business objectives by delivering business solutions on time and on budget.

For further information: Kevin McGaffey, President & CEO, Caro Systems Inc., (416)603-9697,